Digital solutions to secure and manage your physical facilities


We deliver a life safety facility management platform as a service. Our innovative systems enhance emergency communication with first responders and captures cost savings for our client.

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The Salus cloud platform delivers

Facility Management

Whether your buildings and campuses were constructed last year or last century, we help you manage them in the digital age, with the latest technology and tools to enable you to do more with less.

Cost Savings

Better data empowers you to reduce costs and make more informed decisions. Our clients tell us they save more money on their insurance and systems costs than our services cost them.


Your facilities–and most importantly the people in them–must be protected. Our platform connects you and your constituents to emergency responders to enable better emergency preparedness and faster response times in the event of an emergency.

Single Integrated System

Stop dealing with multiple point systems and multiple vendors and their headaches. In many cases we can replace those myriad small applications. And for the rest we can integrate to give you the single-pane-of-glass experience. 


Through integrations with and management of your physical management systems, we deliver unparalleled efficiency gains for your institution.  Let us show you how your lighting, security, control, camera, and other systems can work together.

Professional Architects

The only facility management system built by professional architects. Our architects work with your architects to ensure unparalleled data accuracy and precision.


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