Save Lives and Dollars

The Salus mobile app works on your staff's existing smart phones so that they can communicate across your campus, in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

No hardware to buy. No separate usernames and passwords. All connected to your existing communication and safety systems.

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Campus Communication

  • Police Badge Icon

    Every second counts

    Reduce the time it takes to get critical emergency information to your resource officer or to local police.

  • Fire safety icon

    More effective response

    Put key facility information into the hands of first responders so they can more effectively save lives and property.

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    Close the loop

    Eliminate phone trees and false alarms with messages that are automatically routed to the right people.

Facility Management

We map your facilities and give you 24x7 easy access
to valuable data and insights that help you
better manage your buildings with greater efficiency.

Our software system was designed by professional architects to make the best use of facility data. Our architects work with your architects to ensure unparalleled data accuracy and precision. Our software then makes sure you have access to all of your facility data at your fingertips through our intuitive interface. Better data empowers you to reduce costs and make more informed decisions. Our clients typically save more money on their insurance and systems costs than they pay for our services.

Let us show you how

Contact us today so we can show you a demo of how
we can save lives, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.